Latest Projects

  • OPEN-NEXT - Open-source real-time software structures for next generation industrial embedded platforms

    The growing need of processing data coming from multiple sensors requires a considerable computing power which can hardly be provided by traditional single-processor architectures: they have already exhausted the scaling possibilities and they are no longer able to meet new Industry 4.0 demands.
    OPEN-NEXT intends to develop new computing architectures that can deliver reliable high performances on next-generation embedded platforms.

  • COMPUTER VISION - Competences and experiences in the field of machine vision

    Computer vision is an enabling technology allowing the creation of automated systems of measurement and control of industrial processes, solving the trade-off between increased quality and reduced costs, thus ending in increased industry competitiveness in terms of quality, flexibility and productivity.

  • AR4CAD - Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications

    Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most interesting research topics in the field of the human-device interaction. AR technology allows to enhance our perception and improves the way we feel, see and hear the surrounding environment in a revolutionary and enriched way.