VIALAB machine vision benchmark

Data: mercoledì 9 novembre 2011
Orario: dalle 10:30 alle 11:30
Luogo: Mappa
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VIALAB is a two years research project on machine vision funded by Regione Emilia-Romagna
and driven by two industrial groups, Datalogic and System.
Three research institutions also participate to VIALAB: University of Bologna (DEIS), T3LAB, CRIT.
VIALAB is currently addressing topics such as architectures for embedded vision systems,
hardware acceleration of vision algorithms, 3D vision and advanced applications.

As part of its activities, VIALAB is also defining and implementing a benchmark of commercial machine vision software libraries.
This benchmark is meant to be public as well as open to the contribution of all stakeholders,
including of course the producers of machine vision software that wish to participate.
That’s why VIALAB is pleased to invite you to the presentation of its benchmark activity at Vision 2011:

The VIALAB machine vision benchmark
ICS Conference Center, NeueMesse Stuttgart
Wednesday November 9th, 2011
from 10:30 to 11:30

We plan to illustrate and discuss the principles, goals and operating procedures related to our machine vision benchmark.
We will also share with participants the insights gained from the definition of a first prototype challenge
and try to draft the plans concerning the next steps of the project.

For more information on the VIALAB project, the related benchmark activity and the presentation at Vision 2011, please feel free to contact:
Claudio Salati, VIALAB Manager – – phone +390515870184

Download Documentazione

The VIALAB calibration challenge The VIALAB calibration challenge
di Claudio Salati e Simone Giardino (30.597 KB)

VIALAB machine vision benchmark - The calibration challenge
VIALAB machine vision benchmark - The calibration challenge
di Simone Giardino, Claudio Salati e Luigi di Stefano (1.202 KB)

Attachments Attachments
di Claudio Salati e Simone Giardino (113 KB)

Machine vision benchmark Machine vision benchmark
di Claudio Salati (232 KB)

Calibration challenge Calibration challenge
di Simone Giardino (1.966 KB)

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